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The public comment period for the Central Yukon draft RMP/EIS ends March 11, 2021.

For millennia, Alaska Native people have known the place that surrounds and sustains as the land that gives people life. Our Land Our Voice Our Future connects people living with the land to opportunities to have a say and influence the future state or federal decisions about our traditional land in Alaska. As Indigenous peoples, we have the opportunity to have our voice heard and shape federal decisions on land land use plans to meet our community’s needs, but we have to be willing to become knowledgeable and speak up.

Traditional land of Alaska Native Tribes includes millions of acres of vast, natural regions . . . rare places with room to live an ancient and now, rare life.

Alaska Native communities have been the keepers of traditional land for more than 10,000 years, maintaining a culture rooted in respect for an environment that has provided food, water, and shelter people need to survive. Our Alaskan tribal communities living a traditional lifestyle care deeply about the land that gives nourishment and essential meaning, the core of unique cultures and identity.  When government agencies manage traditional land, it is right for those who will live with agency decisions make our voices heard. Some Tribes have even sought co-management of land alongside federal agencies.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) uses Resource Management Plans to determine where development will occur, where land will have protections, what the rules will be for fly-in hunting guides, and where motorized travel can occur and many other aspects of life. Both State and Federal land use plans stay in place for 20-30 years at a time.

In land use planning, we have the opportunity to shape our future, but our land needs our voices at every step. 

You can influence Land Use Plans right now.

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